Parent and Student Handbook


“Our school is dedicated to a quality Conservative Jewish Education by offering a comprehensive curriculum  of study that meets the scholastic and social needs of students and their families.”  Each student, upon graduation will have a greater understanding of their personal Jewish identity and a Jewish education that will act as a fundamental guide to help him or her make critical decisions throughout life and provide a desire to continue Jewish studies on a university and/or adult level.   Mercaz is open to any student in grades 8-12 seeking a supplementary Jewish High School  education. 

School Hours

Mercaz meets September through May on Sunday evenings from 6:30-8:30 P.M. in the Adath Israel Religious School building located at 3201 East Galbraith Road in Amberley.  


It is essential that students make every effort to attend classes regularly.  Parents should send in a note or call the office at 792-5082 ext. 123 to inform us if your child will be absent on Sunday evening.  If your child is not at Mercaz and we do not hear from a parent, then we will call or we will send an email home.  Students who have more than three absences in a semester will not receive credit for their class.  Students may have a chance to complete make-up work assigned by the teacher to receive credit.  All class lists will be posted the first evening.  If a student needs to leave early a note must be sent in from the parents. 

Emergency Closing

In the event that inclement weather makes it necessary to cancel Mercaz classes, an announcement will be made at 3:00 PM.  You can find it on local radio and TV stations, and on their webpages.  It will also be on the Mercaz voice mail message (513-792-5082 ext. 123). We will send an email to parent and students when a decision has been made. We will SEND A TEXT to student and parent cell phones that we have available.

Code of Student Conduct

Students enroll at Mercaz in order to learn and to spend quality time with Jewish peers.  For effective learning to take place and for quality social programs and community activities, a respectful and safe environment is necessary.  No student has the right to interfere with the education or safety of another student or faculty member.  Students and faculty are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner and to treat each other with dignity and respect at all times.

 All Mercaz students are expected to:

· Use appropriate language when interacting with faculty, administration, and peers.

· Resolve interpersonal conflicts without using aggressive physical behavior or inappropriate language.

· Respect the privacy of others.

· Show respect for the facility and for personal property of others.

· Refrain from disrupting the learning process through inappropriate behavior.

· Turn off and put away mobile devices and any other electronic device before entering class.  If any of these are taken out during class time, the device will be taken by the teacher or administrator and will be returned only at the end of the session. 

· Dress appropriately for school.  All male students must wear a kippah or hat when in the building.  Wearing a kippah is optional for female students.

· Arrive on time for classes and show up to the classes in which you are assigned.

· Remain in the building during Mercaz hours.  Students may only leave during Mercaz if a signed note has been received from a parent or guardian.

· The use of alcohol, drugs, or tobacco products is strictly prohibited. 

We hope in a high school setting that having the above rules will be enough to ensure  proper behavior at Mercaz, however the following system is in place:

First offense:  The teacher will give the student a warning.

2nd offense:  The student will be sent to the director and  the student’s parents will be called.

3rd offense:  The student will be sent home and a conference will be called with the parents, the student, and the director. 

 If a student’s behavior is extreme or continual, these steps may be escalated, or a student may be removed from class permanently.  Mercaz reserves the right to suspend or expel a student for a serious infraction and should this occur tuition will not be refunded

Registration and Fees

Registration is open to students in grades 8-12.  Registration forms are included in your packet you receive in the mail and on our website as well.  You can register for classes online but need to mail in all other forms  (Please do not fax registration materials).  You will be billed by your synagogue for your tuition so please contact them with any tuition questions.
You must notify the Mercaz office by 10/21/2019 if you intend to withdraw from Mercaz, otherwise you will be included on the final roster sent to your synagogue for billing and will be responsible for the full year's tuition.

Registration is open to the community. If you are not a member of one of our affiliate synagogues, you may still register. Contact us directly for details at  or at 513-792-5082 Ext. 123. 

Choosing Classes

Please check your individual course history (mailed to you with your report card at the end of July) to be sure that you are meeting the course requirements required for graduation.  To request a second copy, please email . Course descriptions and an index of courses by curricular areas can be found here.

Report Cards

Report Cards are sent out to parents at the conclusion of each semester.  The students will receive comments from each of their teachers.

Social Activities

In between classes each week we have a ten minute break.  During this time we will serve a light snack and the students will be able to socialize. We will also offer several opportunities this year in the hour before Mercaz for the students to come early to socialize and eat!


We expect students to dress appropriately when at Mercaz.  All male students must wear a kippah or hat when in the building.


We welcome any constructive feedback by parents and students at any time during the year.  Students will also have an opportunity at the end of the semester to fill out a class evaluation form for each of their classes.  They are also free at any time to come to the director and offer feedback during the semester.  We are also open to parents observing in the classroom, just contact us and let us know what week you would like to come in.  You may call us at 792-5082 ext. 123 or email us at .

Course Requirements

Mercaz has instituted graduation requirements to ensure that each student is leaving Mercaz with a solid Jewish foundation.  Students must attend through the 12th grade to receive a diploma.  Students will need to take at least one course from the following curricular areas during their time in high school:  Torah and Texts, Jewish History, Ethics, Theology, Israel, Conservative Judaism, and Holocaust.  In addition,  if a student wishes to receive an enriched diploma they must take at least two Hebrew courses and one course in Prayer. These standards are now in effect for all of our students at Mercaz.   Mercaz strives to offer a wide variety of courses in each subject area making it easy for each student to fulfill their graduation requirements.  Special considerations will be made through the director on a per student basis.  An individualized course history form is included with registration for each student,  Please consult this form when choosing classes to be sure you are meeting the  requirements.  We believe that these standards will ensure that each student greatly benefits from their time at Mercaz.